Cyborg Zombies was founded as a replication project for another FIRST team with ties to Springs Charter Schools. In the spring of 2010, the Science Department head at the time, Marlene Kent, met with the school's CTE (Career Technical Education) coordinator, George Essel, to discuss the integration of FIRST Robotics into the CTE curriculum. Their goal was to incorporate more project-based learning components into the CTE courses. From that meeting, FRC Team 3470 was formed, and in December of 2011, team members christened their team — Cyborg Zombies.

   Soon after, in 2013, the Cyborg Zombies was recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. Thus, they developed and created a cabinet of Board of Directors compiled of Students and one Mentor to assist them in their careers as Board Members. These Students work to oversee not only the FRC Team, but all CTE courses throughout Springs Charter Schools.

In the years that followed, the team grew greatly in membership and ability. They participate in annual Regional FIRST Robotics Competitions and have made a name for themselves through their hard work, determination, and perseverance. They’ve mentored two younger FIRST teams (Team FRC 4114, The Pallindrones and Team FRC 4556) and recently won the Gracious Professionalism Award at the 2014 Inland Empire Regional FIRST Competition. They had the honor of receiving the Imagery Award at the Inland Empire Regional in 2015. The team continues to compete in robotics competitions, as well as promote FIRST and real-world application of science and technology throughout the years. 

   In 2014, The Cyborg Zombies founded and mentored an FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Team called The Cyborg Zombies FLL Team 3370. They have continued to mentor them in the 2015 season. In addition, The Cyborg Zombies has held annual STEM Summer Camps since 2011 and STEM Winter Camps since 2014. They have also held their first annual STEM-based Autism Camp in the Summer of 2015. The Cyborg Zombies also hold fundraisers that include: Annual Open House, Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping, and Shake-the-Can events. They have also presented the the Springs Charter Schools Boards of Directors, over 5,000 girl scouts, the elderly at Redwood Terrace in Escondido, CA, and other local community events. 

   Their founding principles are based off their motto "Make It, Break It, Fix It." They must try to get to their goals: Make It. They must make mistakes to reach the best solution: Break It. Finally, they must learn from their mistakes and develop a better way to achieve their goals: Fix It.  

We must exploit each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses to make the team stronger.
— George Essel, Head Mentor